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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

I was recently invited to the wedding of a wonderful couple – Ellie and Danni. During the day I was speaking to the talented Bristol based artist, Tom Miller (check out his website) and the conversation shifted to social media. I asked Tom where he was spending most time and effort on social and he said Instagram (millermartart). No surprise I hear you say – it’s the obvious choice for an artist as well as Facebook where he keeps an up to date page.

As we continued to talk I asked Tom if he was on Twitter – ‘No’, for an artist I could understand why he didn’t think Twitter a good place to share and gain interest in his work. I explained that it’s still a great platform for networking – important for a young artist. Tom asked when was the best time of day to post content, what hours should he not post – he was unsure of social media etiquette. That was an easy one for me to answer – post anytime you want. He has a potential global audience so when we are relaxing during our evenings in the UK, America’s west coast is active and whilst we are asleep, the Asian, Far East and Pacific regions are active. I once again assured him ‘don’t worry about what time Tom, social is global, there’s always someone active’.

Always someone active? That’s a huge understatement! There’s 3.356 billion people active on social media. My advice to Tom was – post, post, repost and post again. Share content on multiple platforms and start to tell your audience about you – the artist and the man. People like to find out about the person – the back story and the journey. Think global – you don’t know where the person is that could help you get the break you deserve. They could be anywhere around the world – be accessible to as many people as possible.

To everyone reading this blog – I would give the same advice. Social media doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t take a day off and it doesn’t have ‘down time’. To get the most out of social you need to be active – you need to post and share content, you need to let people see what makes you tick – we call it your ‘why?’. Check out my LinkedIn profile and you will see what I mean.

Anyone with a service, product, solution or creation – has to be active on social. To abstain is not only foolish but could mean the end for your business, or the end of your dream. Social can make or break you – break you because if you’re not on it you are effectively leaving cash on the table. You are telling the world – actually, park that. You aren’t telling the world – because you clearly don’t believe in what you have.

However, as I’m in a happy ‘post-wedding’ mood – I’ll cut you some slack. If you do believe in what you have and realise you should be active on social but are struggling to get started. Contact me.

Put it off and one day soon you will come across someone like you – enjoying a level of success that can only be attained by being active on social media.

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