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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

I’m sitting on a train on the way into London and the person next to me is reminding me what life used to be like.

While sipping a coffee, she is copying notes from a large note book, paper diary and then laptop.

Notes are made in the day book, then manual entries are entered into the paper diary. Then the laptop is opened and emails answered. I’m sure she is happy with this but it seems both inefficient and ineffective. Why not have everything in one place?

I’m sure there are (still) people who work like this. Me, I decided to move over to mobile a few years back. My iPhone (regularly backed up) contains my calendar, address book, even this blog is being typed into my phone, which I will move to .Pages (I’m a Mac User) later on today.

So what has this got to do with Social Selling?

Well it’s a great metaphor for cold calling.

Let’s not forget, while often people think that cold calling has been around for centuries, in fact it’s only a recent, pre-internet phenomenon.

Like life, there is always progression, most have us have moved from copying things from a manual diary and holding it on a PC, Mac or Mobile. I use the progression, not Disruption, which seems harsh and negative.

When we moved over to using a mobile it took us a little pain. My photos on my Blackberry had to be left behind, but I knew the iPhone would be excellent so it was for the greater good.

Anyway, back to the pain of migrating. We have all done this, but to use that training saying “no pain, no gain.”

Same with migrating to Social Selling, this is a natural progression in sales, in fact in Europe it’s the de facto way to sell in the large, complex, B2B environments.

So what about you? Still using a paper diary or ready for a modern selling approach?

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