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Social Media by Department

Social media can play a significant role in many of your corporate departments


One of the fist things we think of when we imagine social media in a corporate environment is social media marketing. This is the management of the organisation’s social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc but it’s also the governance around this with regard to reputation management, policies, workflows and of course content planning. In the modern world social media marketing should also be about a centralised training and coaching of people throughout the organisation. It also covers social media advertising and the measurement of KPIs for success.

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Social selling is the art, not of selling, but of making you the obvious place to come and buy. It requires the creation of a compelling personal brand and the tireless publishing of content to keep the social seller front of mind. It is hard work, but we have a process for this which makes it less work than might be imagined. The results are outstanding. Typically on our programme the attendees start to see results after only 3 weeks, this usually spurs them on to work harder…success breeds success.

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Customer Service

Increasingly people are turning to social media as their primary channel for conversation, be it arranging a party on Facebook, sourcing new staff (or suppliers) on LinkedIn or seeking answers about a product already purchased perhaps on Twitter. Social customer service is a big part of the modern call centre because of your customers are on social…you must be too.

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We find on occasions that clients have a wonderful culture and that staff love working there, but they can\t find a way to “externalise” what a great place it is to work. Social HR enables organisations to become the first choice of talented people in the workforce. It makes staff recruitment easier, it makes talent management easier and it makes staff retention easier. But it doesn’t happen by accident. It’s imperative to have a strategy and a plan and to understand how to put this in to action.

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Human Resources


Employee Advocacy

Most organisations have a marketing department in some form or another and that department is usually responsible for producing all of the outbound communications from the organisation. But marketing departments are small…and organisations are large. Imagine if everyone within the organisation were producing “on brand” content, imagine everyone in the organisation were telling everyone what a great place it is. Boom! Employee advocacy.

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Research is a fundamentally difficult thing for organisations to do because, rather like with Schrodinger’s Cat, doing it distorts the answers. For example, imagine you walk in to a room and someone asks you “what would you change in this room”…so you look around and decide you don’t like the carpet. That’s very different from walking in to a room and saying “I don’t like this carpet”! So, where social listening differs from traditional research methods is that you don’t have to ask questions…you can just listen to billions of conversations to get your answers!

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