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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

I’m pleased to announce the Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) are coming out with a new service that will completely disrupt the driving lessons market world-wide. 

That’s right, we are going into the driving lesson business.

What we will be offering is driving training through webinar and CBT (computer based training).

The great things is that this is the “Uber” of driving lessons as we don’t own any cars.

All you have to do is watch my recorded webinars and CBT and it will provide you with all the steps you need to feel confident the first time you step into the car and start driving.

After all, how difficult can it be? I’ve been driving for 30 years, so why pay expensive coaches who will sit with you, when you can listen to my podcasts.

Think of the time you will save, you can run my CBT training during “downtime”, on the bus, on the train and the moment you are behind the wheel, hey presto you can be road ready in no time.

If you are thinking this is a piss take…it is!

But this is how people buy social selling.

Only this week we have been emailed (yes, emailed) by a well known Social Selling company asking us if we want to be a LinkedIn expert that will be delivered by somebody, when you look at their LinkedIn profile, isn’t a Linkedin expert. Would you buy driving lessons from me, when I have no qualification, or maybe I should start root canal work, I have no qualification for that either.

This week (from the same Social Selling company) they have started sending unsolicited emails to a member of my staff asking them to buy Social Selling training. This is seriously ironic, the person sending the unsolicited email / cold emails, does not exhibited any of the skills that the company says they train people in. If you are a social selling company and the reference is sending spammy emails, is that really leading from the front?

Driving is a new way of working, there is certain etiquette to learn. Some people are natural drivers, the majority of people are like me are not. You cannot learn new ways of working through webinars and CBT. That isn’t completely true, webinars and CBT will activate the great drivers. I had a friend at school who had been driving tractors since an early age, he past his driving test first time with flying colours. Most other people, are not interested, don’t have an natural gift, cannot be bothered, don’t get it, etc. These people will sit through the webinar and it will do nothing. In fact it’s likely to just annoy everybody as the gifted people who didn’t need training get better, 80% of the people resent them. Splits appear in what was a team. If you train people, you have to take everybody with you.

You cannot just take CBT sessions and get in a car and drive. For us in the UK as we use manual cars, we need to understand the biting point on the clutch. There is the etiquette, when to indicate, when not to. Most people will want advice as to the best time, or certain circumstances. Or understand, how different road conditions may change your driving.

In the words of Hill Street Blues – ‘Let’s be careful out there’

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