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Sales Navigator programme

from Digital Leadership Associates 


There is no doubt that Sales Navigator is the best B2B lead generation, business development and account management tool on the market.

  • It gives you access to all 500 million plus members
  • lets you track your accounts, contacts & prospects
  • Enables you to automate your lead generation processes
  • It will unlock your referral network
  • It supports Social Selling strategies

In order to get the best out Sales Navigator, your sales teams do you need to have an understanding of the tactics and behaviours around social selling. We liken it to having a Ferrari. Just because you can drive a Golf GTI, does not necessarily mean you can drive a Ferrari – the same can be said with Sales Navigator.  Just because you use Linkedin, does not mean that you will understand how to get the best out of Sales Navigator. 

We can help you and your sales teams do this by :

  • Setting the context for the sales team on why sales navigator is an extension of your CRM system
  • How to build social selling strategy into your sales & marketing process with Sales Navigator
  • Account set up and optimisation
  • Optimising the roll out of Team Link Extend (TLE)
  • Building out Saved Searches to automate account, lead and prospect updates
  • How to create bespoke lead generation for by industry, client or job title
  • How to build a sales proposition around the data Sales Navigator surfaces
  • How to use PointDrive for pitches/proposals and lead generation
  • How it integrates with Linkedin Advertising platform
  • Proving the ROI opportunity that Sales Navigator will generate for you as a business

What makes us unique in the market? We have the only Sales Navigator consultant who has been using Sales Navigator since it’s inception. He was a client of Linkedin for 3 years, implementing Sales Navigator and Social Selling into a global real estate firm, where Linkedin have a case study on his success. He now draws on this understanding and unique insight of leading this from within a orgainsation to help our clients maximise their ROI.

ROI can range from 5:1 through to one of our clients is seeing a 33:1 ROI on their Sales Navigator programme.

We are currently working with clients on Sales Navigator implementation programmes across Business Services, Legal, Professional Services & SaaS sector.

You don’t need Sales Navigator to have a social selling strategy, however, it will certainly augment it.

To get the keys your Ferrari, get in touch here.

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