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Guest Post by Ashley Lipman

Hiring new employees is an expensive, arduous process. The best solution for avoiding the hiring process is to find the right people for the job, who will stay with your business. That means creating an environment where employees feel welcome and have their needs met.

Every business needs an employee retention strategy, whether it’s a large corporation or a small operation with a handful of people. Here are some effective employee retention strategies to consider for your business.

Focus on Communication

Poor communication is one of the most difficult aspects of spending each day in a work environment. Whether it’s a lack of communication from the top or miscommunications within a team, it’s essential to have open, productive channels of communication.

If inconsistency with scheduling is a problem, consider using a scheduling app with a list of features that includes a centralized communication center for vacation and shift changes. If your people feel as though a lot is going on behind closed doors, have town hall meetings where you can discuss challenges and open the floor for questions.

Embrace Social Media

You can’t promote an open dialogue without embracing one of the main forms of modern communication: social media. Businesses often treat social media as the forbidden fruit of the office, deterring employees from going online with blockers in place to keep them productive. By doing so, they eliminate an incredible opportunity to improve engagement and retention.

Allowing your employees to use social media (with a strong policy in place) not only makes them feel less like they’re being micromanaged but also gives you an opportunity to build your brand. Make content easy to share and encourage or incentivize them to use branded hashtags and share updates about your business. Not only will you extend your reach, but you’ll also attract top talent online.

Offer Competitive Wages and Benefits

To keep your people around, they need to know that what you’re offering is equal to or greater than what your competitor has to offer. Pay and benefits aren’t the only factors that contribute to keeping your people with you, but they are perhaps one of the most significant considerations.

Do ample market research to see what wages are considered competitive in your market. If you are unable to offer more monetary compensation than your competitor, look at various non-monetary benefits and perks you can include.

Create a Strong Company Culture

The company culture is the spirit and lifeblood of an organization. It’s what brings people together to create a purpose-driven team. To create a strong company culture, you must give your employees a chance to connect on a human level, both with each other and with the organization.

Take the time to learn about your employees. What are their goals and aspirations? How can your organization help them reach those goals? Provide opportunities for employees to unplug from their endless stream of emails and come together to work as a team.

Create a Hiring Strategy

One of the main contributors to employee turnover is hiring the wrong person. As such, it’s essential that companies create a smart hiring strategy that ensures they find the right person for the job. Cover everything from searching for candidates and posting jobs on social media and job sites to the onboarding process.

Hiring managers need to start looking beyond a resume and assess how a candidate’s skills and experience will benefit the company as a whole. Additionally, they need to assess how the person’s values align with the company.

Provide Opportunity for Growth

Many businesses shy away from being a stepping stone in someone’s career. Instead, they want employees who will stay, so they limit their opportunity for growth. This approach is damaging rather than helpful.

Create ample opportunities for growth for your people. By fueling their passion, you’ll get a more engaged, productive employee who is more likely to decide that they like working for your organization and want to stay.

As the saying goes, an employee who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected. Treat your people like valued humans and your business will be a success.

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