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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

OK  it’s not dead yet but it is dying.

In my personal life, I email nobody, even my 80 year old parents now use Facebook Messenger.  All my other personal contacts are –  on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp etc.  In my personal life we tend to use social as a way to communicate, rather than email.

But what about the Enterprise?

Email is still used extensively at work, so why the time lag in the Enterprise?  If you ask someday to do something in the corporate world they immediately turn to email.

Partly, because there wasn’t the technology to support it and because of the latent interest in IT Department to support Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.  (Exchange and Office 365 puts a lot of food on a lot of tables).

But why not use one of the many corporate social products, we use Slack to run DLA, but there is also Yammer (Microsoft) and Chatter (Salesforce) etc.

Using social internally has a number of benefits that are over and above sending people text in the form of an email, such as

  • Allows people to collaborate without borders
  • Intellectual property is retained in the Company 
  • No data loss due to people leaving
  • Relocation can reduce time of meeting (Doesn’t eliminate meetings)
  • People can access data in real time

Certainly having used Slack now for 18 months, the messages are shorter and are staff seem to prefer working in a social environment.  There one or two email junkies and I still get the odd “copy all” type email, but this is a the exception rather than the rule.

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