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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) you are probably aware that we run strategy sessions for companies so that the Board (as we say in the UK) or the C-Suite (in the US) understand social. This isn’t a Twitter lesson for CEOs, this is a day (or two days) interactive session on how social can impact your business, the incremental revenue impact, the business benefit, the competitive advantage.

It isn’t a sales pitch, it’s an interactive sessions, where the team work together to come up with answers, you in affect, write a social media strategy, that we present back. Not a social media strategy, in terms of what time you will post on Twitter, but a strategy that covers the whole Enterprise. Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience, Human Resources, Procurement, Finance, Supply Chain, etc.

I only mention this as we were running on of these strategy sessions for one of the companies we are taking on a social transformation as part of their overall digital transformation. We hadn’t even started working with the Sales and Marketing teams where we often fine a big ROI (return on investment).

The VP of Sales took us to one side during the session and said, that he needed to recruit salespeople and the growth projection they were on meant he needed many sales people. He, like so many people meant he was going to need to pay substantial recruitment fees and he thought there might be a better way.  Can we use Social he asked? 

Of course, we can I said, write a blog and we’ll check it out for you.

So he did.

He posted a blog and posted it on LinkedIn and got 40 candidates contacting him direct. He thinks he has found the right candidates as well as having some more for recruitment later on in the year. This provides a saving of £60,000 ($78,000) something he will reinvest back in the business by recruiting a junior sales person.

Now, I’m not for a second saying that Social Media and Social Selling is or will replace the massive industry which is Recruitment, but if you are a small or large company, this is certainly an option. We are currently recruiting and are using Social and are getting some very interesting candidates. By the way, if you are in sales or are interested in working at the forefront of digital transformation through social, then get in touch.

I’ve also asked a few people “in the recruitment business” and I understand candidates like the way recruitment works. Which is where you give your CV to one person and then they try and then they represent you to multiple companies.  As a candidate, it’s pretty low risk and means you need to go about your day job with your current employer. There is a saying that 80% of jobs are never advertised and maybe with the number of people using social now to recruit, that maybe you are missing out on these jobs that are being offered through content marketing.

Interested in what you think, do you think recruitment has been disrupted or should it be disrupted?

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