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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

In the UK, I can’t speak for elsewhere, we have Ice Cream vans. During the summer months they drive around the neighbourhood, park up and play their melody. Households would hear this and decide whether they wanted to go out to the van and buy an ice cream. Simple. Maybe today, they didn’t fancy one, tomorrow or next week could be different. The ice cream seller knew this – some days business would be brisker. You can also see Ice Cream vans parked on beaches – there in case you fancy a treat.

What the ice cream seller didn’t do is hide around the corner waiting until they knew lots of people were at home. They didn’t them walk down the street knocking on doors and, when getting a response, tell people why they had to buy one of their ice creams.

What the ice cream seller didn’t do was turn up an hour later and go through the same process, knocking even harder on the doors that hadn’t opened the first time – convinced someone was inside hiding.

What the ice cream seller didn’t do was tick off a list of which houses had bought an ice cream and when all were ticked off, never go back again.

No, the ice cream seller, made themselves available, allowing people to decide when the time was right to make a purchase. They would recognise the distinctive melody and even look forward to the regular visits.

No pressure, no one-sided conversations, just making themselves known regularly, just letting you know ice creams are available – a bit of hat doffing…………..isn’t that social selling?

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