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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Recruiting is difficult in a strong or weak market, but recruitment is changing. Gone are the days where you could put job ads out on Twitter and pray or use recruitment consultants. Apart from the expense, it’s unlikely you are getting the coverage you need to source the best candidates. Also advertising has reducing benefit as people ignore advertising and it will only find the people currently looking. And with ad-blocker growth 30% year-on-year people who use ad-blockers will block out brand ads as well as your recruitment ads.

So what can you do?

One of our clients wrote a blog and saved themselves £60K ($78K) in recruitment fees. They got 40 applicants for 3 positions today as well as having a back stop for positions in the future. They were able to invest the savings in a rookie salesperson.

By making you and your people look good on Social you will attract staff. Flipping your recruitment from push to pull. How do you do this? If people see that you are your team are “rock stars” online this will want people to come and work for. This will attract both those looking for work and those not until that moment had thought about changing jobs or roles.

The best approach is to externalise your culture. What do I mean?

Empower your employees to talk on social about your company, it’s products and services.

The classic was at IBM were a consultant tweeted she was out for dinner in Zurich and she was living the dream. This got other graduates to apply for roles there. This is why it’s important to activate all people.

It’s worth noting at this point that people are using employee advocacy to show they are a company that supports diversity and inclusion. By activating all people this will reach parts of Social that your “normal” corporate marketing activities cannot reach.

The mistake companies often make is that activating people on social is all about them being a company mouth piece. People are not interested in this, neither your employees or their friends.

Corporate marketing is after all corporate marketing. You are number one, the best, market leader, it’s just nose that people will filter out. What people want is people to be authentic. Now while this is a challenge there are companies with solutions.

Recent research from Linkedin “Global Recruiting Trends 2018 – The 4 Ideas Changing How you Hire” show that candidates are looking for different things in companies. It’s not just about how many days holiday you have and the salary, it’s also about diversity, inclusion and belonging. What does your company stand for, what is it’s purpose and while people will get a feel for this from your website, Glassdoor and CareerBliss you also have the ability to “control” what people think about your company:-

  • Your diversity program and support for inclusion
  • Your purpose (we did some work for a company where their purpose was “to cure cancer”), who wouldn’t want to work there!
  • Your culture and what it’s like

I read today that my previous company, Oracle had got CareerBliss to announce it’s one of the top 50 happiest companies in the world. This must mean a lot to them, it would to me. Where as I also read today a company (I won’t name them) that announced they were no longer allowing employees to expenses “adult entertainment”. I’m sure, like me, you are amazed that such an announcement is seen as a contemporary company, didn’t that all go away in the 1990s.

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