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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Adam and I are sitting in Singapore after onboarding “team DLA” out here in the Far East with our Programatic Social Selling approach.

Against a back drop of a lack of leads and meetings for every company worldwide. We have spoken to people in Singapore, America, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe and every company we talk to say they need more leads and meetings. What about you?

In fact, no company ever said, we need less leads and meetings.

Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we have created a programatic approach, a process to social selling that creates a real return on investment (ROI). None of these short-cut social selling programs that create a return.  For example, the LinkedIn trainers that don’t understand change within an organisation, or the LinkedIn profile writers that don’t get the mindset change, or the social sellers that deliver over webinar. Such an approach has now been written off as ineffective.

With Programatic Social Selling people don’t believe us, so we sit them down and say :

  1. Do this, they do what we tell them.
  2. Do this, they do what we tell them. For us this is only three weeks into our social selling program.  It is at this point that the leads and meetings start.

Sitting in Singapore, just by doing the same, it worked.

BTW – Anybody who tells you that social selling takes a long time, really does not know what they are talking about.

If you are looking for leads and meeting, maybe a programmatic social selling program is for you? It creates the foundation for a prospecting future, that can be used by Sales to support their demand generation process.

We also have a network of global resellers, so wherever you are, you can implement a programatic social selling program but with localised.

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