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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

I was planning to take my fiancé away for a weekend, a nice hotel on the coast with a spa would’ve been perfect. So, I had a need, I had the budget and I knew when I wanted to go away.

This made me a ‘buyer’ and decision maker with the right level of authority and sign off. So, I did what any buyer does and I waited. Why did I wait? Because that’s what a buyer does – when they are ready to sign on the dotted line for a product or service they sit and wait. They sit and wait for a ‘provider’ to cold call them with their pitch. The timing was perfect as we’ve been having major renovation work on our house which has been very time consuming – after two years not being able to use the entire ground floor huge progress was being made. A mini break whilst the kitchen’s installed – perfect.

I must make a confession. During the renovations I broke the golden rule for buyers – I made outbound calls to suppliers. I know I should’ve waited for them to call me but I’d been given some personal recommendations. Huge apologies to all the electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, kitchen designers, landscapers and tilers that could’ve helped me out.

Anyway, back to my hotel break – I was determined to act like a true professional buyer and do nothing. Speak to no one, not look on line, not contact any hotels we had previously stayed at and not tell anyone what my intentions were. I would sit tight and wait.

Guess what happened? Nothing! Not one cold call, not even a wrong number.

Deep breath, stand back and relax. How ridiculous does that all sound? Why on earth didn’t I just get on the internet, run a simple Google search and then check out reviews on social media? I’ll tell you how ridiculous it is – as ridiculous as people clogging up the internet telling anyone that can be bothered to listen, how great cold calling is and how it’s an important sales activity.

Poppycock! Buyers and decision makers don’t sit and wait for the phone to ring, if they are interested in your product or service they would reach out to you.  In the real world – no one is waiting for a cold call, there are 3.356 billion active social media users. There’s a lot of buyers and decision makers in that 3.356 billion! Social selling isn’t the way of the future – it’s the way of now!

Enjoy looking at these stats, I’m off to TripAdvisor to find a decent hotel. Adios.

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