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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

Well, actually I wouldn’t personally, but we have as a company.

Digital Leadership Associates is just over 2 years old and today we published our 500th blog on our site and I personally think this is quite an achievement.

Well, 500 blogs is not altogether true… in addition to the 500 blogs we’ve published on our site we have produced several guest blogs for Kogan Page, our most recent book publisher (yes we write books too), various clients and also to support some of the speaking events where we keynote. We also have written 250+ individual articles on our LinkedIn profiles, Tim has produced 75 TimTalks Alex has produced over 50 #AskAlex videos and Phil has created countless memes (of and I’ve created 60 short videos too) so when you add all this together we have created and published over 1000 pieces of content in 2 years…and there are only a handful of us!

Why? How? I hear you ask.

Why? Well, because we can! No, I’m kidding, we do it because it’s our way of prospecting. We do it because every day that goes past we grow a bigger and bigger footprint on the internet. When a visitor comes and looks at our mountain of content and then looks at one of our competitors who have perhaps created 100 pieces of content (blogs/videos/podcasts combined) we look like the obvious choice because we have something to say and loads of original thinking.

Why? Because being good at creating content just takes practice like anything else in life and we have practices a lot so now we have a way of doing this which is extremely efficient.

One of the key things we teach our clients to do is exactly this – become a content publishing machine. This is an important element of what we do because if you think about your business – perhaps you have 1000 staff. If we can activate just 50% of them to write and publish a short blog each month this means that you can create 6000 pages of content per year and if the marketing department guide the staff to write based on certain keywords and topics you can very quickly dominate your marketplace.

I know, you’re thinking that your staff will never write marketing content for your business…but they don’t have to. They just have to write. The thing to remember is that YOUR life partner doesn’t read what you write about your company because they love the company, they read what you write about the company because they love YOU. Every single person within your business is an influencer within their own network and leveraging this is they key to creating true visibility.

It isn’t possible to get my staff to commit to this? Yes it is, because we do it every day and to prove it can be done…we do it ourselves and this is a crucial point. A social media “expert” that tells your company tow produce content every day and doesn’t do this themselves is like the fat personal trainer or the business improvement consultant with holes in their shoes…someone who understand the theory but is not able tout it in to practice and therefore merely a pretender.

If you want to talk to us about how we can get all of your team willing in the same direction to help you to dominate get in touch, then you won’t be walking 500 miles but will be writing 500 blogs too!

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