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by Alex Low | @Alexander_Low | LinkedIn

I listened to Cindy Godwin talking about what it means to be brave. She cited examples of her colleagues running marathons after Chemo, herself working with Grayson Perry and the British Museum to promote unknown art & reposition their own brand at the same time. She was basically told, if this goes wrong…. It didn’t and was a great success for not only the British Museum but also Alix Partners.

Bravery can be shown in many different guises. I love skiing and snowboarding and I have had some moments, literally on the wind lip and thinking, F it, I back myself & my ability, dropping in!! so scary yet so much fun at the same time. 

We are now moving into an era for Sales and Marketing where fortune will favour the brave. You are all experts at what you do. Much like me sitting at the top of a ledge on a ski run, looking into the abyss. If you don’t back yourself, you will never make that leap. 

You are now faced with so many decisions, not only how to make your number, how to do it more effectively, accelerate your pipeline. Marketing, start carrying the can on some of this. IT, we are moving to the cloud, so work with me, not against me. The Board. I respect your experience, but you know what, we have to change our approach. And I know the answer. Backed by data led insight. And me. 

I did this in my previous life. Working the UK board of a Nasdaq listed business to actually put their money where their mouth was. Barely 2 months into my role with them. Presenting twice, and saying, you know what, I back myself so much, if this doesn’t work, fire me. We were looking at Social Selling. I won’t lie, I was pretty scared, but I committed. I didn’t think I was necessarily being brave, I just believed this was the right route to take. And we did. And it was.

Note the word We. I could not have done this without the support of the UK Board. 

Trust your instinct, your knowledge and expertise. Be Brave and take that leap.

In skiing parlance. Dropping In! 

Inspired by Cindy Godwin

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