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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

Last week our dear friend Reggie Bradford lost his battle with cancer and the world will be a significantly emptier and less exciting place as a result.

Reading the testimonials from people at their discovery of his passing is fascinating because what I saw and knew was exactly what everyone saw and knew. His overwhelming kindness and a sense that he always had time for you and an interest in YOU the person instead of just what your connection with him might generate.

I met Reggie whilst I worked at Oracle. He was a Senior Vice President, I was a relatively new hire. We met at a client VIP visit where he was a guest speaker and he was there “to woo and impress” the clients, which he certainly did with a typically charismatic and humorous keynote speech. After the event we all went our for dinner and I ended up sitting with Reggie and we talked…and talked…and talked…and as clients and staff gradually drifted away as the evening drew to a close, we continued to talk late in to the night.

Before that evening we had never met, after that evening we were friends. From then on we often used to go for coffee or a meal when schedules allowed. Sometimes in London, sometimes in Istanbul or Dubai, but we would always get together if we could. After I left Oracle we still continued to meet-up and Reggie was always happy to be an advisor and sounding board for new ideas and he offered great advice but never instruction.

His role heading up the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem meant that in my travels when I met someone who needed his guidance I would introduce them to Reggie and the feedback was always the same. Wow what a smart guy…what a lovely guy.

I know that Tim has a similar story to me. It seems that everyone has a similar story to me.

He was a serial entrepreneur who was massively successful. He was a hugely intelligent, smart and well read man. He was charismatic and gentle in equal measures. But above all he was a kind and thoughtful human being and a good friend.

We at Digital Leadership Associates and all of our network that we connected to Reggie will miss him enormously.

If you never had the privilege of meeting Reggie, read this…it’s a great legacy which might help you and will give you some insight in to a truly great man. 

RIP – Reggie Bradford 

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