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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

In the first instalment, we were introduced to Tomkins (Tommo). He’s a successful salesperson who, when given a stiff target and fluffy details about the help he would get to make the big number, decides to leave ACME Co. Over the coming weeks we’ll follow him on his journey.

This week’s cast:

Tomkins (Tommo) – the central character, successful senior salesperson

Henderson (Hendo) – VP Sales at CCIAF

In a cool office on the Southbank in London, overlooking the Thames, Hendo is walking past the ping pong table when his phone rings.

Tomkins – Hi Hendo, it’s Tommo – how’s life at CCIAF?

Henderson– Really good Tommo, I can’t remember being as busy as this and I don’t mean with pointless internal meetings!

Tomkins– Come on Hendo, every company likes to keep itself busy with those boring meetings for the sake of having a meeting. Remember that time at WOSC when I was in one of the meeting rooms with a major prospect and that idiot Robson walked in and asked us to leave the room as he had an internal meeting booked.

Henderson– To this day I still can’t believe you didn’t punch him!

Tomkins– Ha Ha! Really had to think on my feet that time – I’m sure that’s why we never made the short list. We seemed like a bunch of idiots. Anyway, enough of that small talk – my mind’s made up I want out of ACME and I’m ready to come and join you at CCIAF.

Henderson– Wow! That’s sudden, what happened?

Tomkins– Hegarty set me a stupidly high target and marketing haven’t a clue on how to get inbound. I’ve had enough – I’m ready to join you.

Henderson– Hegsy and AMCE always like to get their pound of flesh. I’d still like to have you come across Tommo.

Tomkins– Still? I’m ready to join ‘yesterday’.

Henderson– I know Tommo and I want you here, I need a right-hand man but – I can’t employ anyone that doesn’t have a decent grasp on social selling. Dems de rules! Straight from the CEO.

Tomkins– I’ve always sold socially, come on Hendo, let’s get this going.

Henderson– Mate, your LinkedIn profile is average and I’m being kind, you have the blue hero image, your headline just states your job, there’s no summary and you have a cut and paste paragraph about ACME in your experience. We need so much more than that – just to get you in the door.

Tomkins– OK, OK I can change all that.

Henderson– Tommo, be honest do you think you can do all that and more?

Tomkins– Ok, cards on the table, social selling has confused the hell out of me. I’ve always been selling socially. I want to be part of what you are doing, being more creative in generating interest – love the fact you don’t have people wasting their time cold calling. Hendo, give me a shot, tell me what I have to get done.

Henderson– I know you are keen Tommo, do yourself a huge favour get on Amazon and buy ‘Social Selling Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers’ by Tim Hughes and Matt Reynolds – read it cover to cover, check out my LinkedIn profile, sort yours out then call me and I’ll wheel you into the CEO. My hands are tied until you nail that profile.

Tomkins– Ok mate, no problem, I’m up for this, I’ll call you next week.

Next time……..Does Tommo pull it off and get to meet Grundy the CCIAF CEO?

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