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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

I’m sitting in my local garage getting my car fixed going through my note book.  In it I write quotes spoken to me at meetings by customer and prospects.

One quote I thought was good was:-

“People don’t choose to be in email, they don’t choose to be cold called, but they do choose to be in social.”

Interesting quote for me, as the US users of LinkedIN seem to be carrying on the “cold calling vs social selling” war.  Ironically, this is taking place on social.

In the meeting with the customer I talk about above the client said that sales was and has always been “an information exchange”.

As said to me in one of my #TimTalk webinar interviews, “sales has always been social”.  And it has.

Regardless of the sales tactic you use, an information exchange takes place.

The difference is that one is push and the other is pull.

What do I mean?  When you cold call me, you want to push upon me your product or service.

I and I think everybody rebels to this nowadays.  I always take cold calls, I also always block numbers from cold callers.

In the “pull” world, that I work in.  Clients are researching for your product or service, then they make contact with you.  This is what I mean by a pull situation.  If you are a regular reader you will know that we don’t make any outbound, (we don’t advertise) we feel it annoys people, we also don’t need to, as we get 3 inbound enquiries every day.

People often talk to me about cold calling is about control, you pick the phone up and call people.  Totally agree.  The issue is that I can research the people to “call” with social quicker than a cold caller can.  The cold caller also has the issue with gatekeepers.  I don’t.  Which is why I can get higher, faster with social than with cold calling.

The cold call, requires the agent to continue to press the value propositions buttons.  On and on, call after call.  This seems to me a total waste of effort, I’ve done it once, check out my LinkedIn profile.  But I’m pressing those buttons as I sit and write this at the car mechanics.

When I sat on the beach at Cape Verde, earlier this year, I pressed those buttons and still continued to get inbound.  Being on holiday, didn’t stop me prospecting.

This does require a change of habit.  A cold calling guru wrote a blog about how the silent cold calling centre was killing sales.  The one he was talking about (I know which one he visited and they tell me output has gone up, so much so, I cannot tell you).

It’s a bit like saying, these cars, don’t make a noise like a horse and cart.  Agree, horses and carts do have a place, I’ve never owned one.  Like cold calling, seems high maintenance.

The other thing that has changed is that we often don’t need to close people anymore.  Ironically, we had to do a traditional close on a client today, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

The buying process is; people research, they contact you.  You then use your traditional powers of selling to empower them to buy.  Many of our clients, know when they contact us, DLA is the best, so often we take business with, as far as we are aware, no competition.

I would like to add to the cold calling vs social selling debate.

I’ve cold called.  It’s slow, cumbersome, time consuming and inefficient.  But of course as a sales leader you can listen to people bang their heads against the wall.

Social selling is fast, always on and you can higher, faster.

Obviously it’s your choice and stepping over the chasm can be scary, but maybe it’s time to get more for less.  And oh, we can help you, it’s what we do.

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