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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

…perhaps I’m just cynical. Perhaps I’m old and cynical!

As I get older I seem to get more intolerant of bulls&*t! It seems everywhere I turn there are experts coming to the fore preaching about how their view of the world is the one that we all need to adopt (which is fair enough because I do a bit of that myself) but they clearly are not practising what they preach.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in social media. We see content marketing experts that rarely relate content, we see social selling experts who are not social we see sales experts who are incapable of selling…

Now, I’m not suggesting that snake-oil sellers are anything new because they’re not. But in a world where it’s so easy to do one’s due diligence we still see organisations buying very bad advice and expertise from people. How on earth can the excuse “I’ve been too busy doing my client work to put my own house in order” possibly be an acceptable response.

From my view of the world when my business coach, who proclaims that he can help me be successful and rich turns up to my office in a rusty old banger of a car rather than a shiny new Maserati it should ring alarm bells.

As it should when my social media consultant doesn’t have an unimpeachable social presence themselves.

If we can do it they can (and you can) too, we are a small business but the fact remains that we are able to write and publish a large volume of original content. Tim, Alex, Phil and myself all write blogs to be published on this website in fact we publish (now) at the rate of two pieces per day. In addition to this we all publish LinkedIn articles (literally hundreds between us) as well as #TimTalks & #AskAlex videos along with lots of adhoc videos, memes, images and countless posts.


Because how can I (or any of the team) legitimately stand up in front of you and tell you how important this is if I don’t do it myself? If I haven’t got a great profile how can I possibly tell you that YOU need one? If I don’t generate all of my business through social media how can I possibly expect you to believe that you can too.

Honestly, this isn’t a sales pitch for Digital Leadership Associates, but I would ask you to do your due diligence with any purchases you make in this area, because failure to do so may cast you dearly.

We see that there are three risks to you:

  1. The money (and time) you will invest in poor advice and guidance and the fact that you will have to make that investment again with someone who can genuinely help.
  2. At the moment there are very few organisations using social media well (but many look to do so) so you may well have first mover advantage…don’t squander it.
  3. You will need time to get up to speed and reach your full potential (that’s not the same as seeing a benefit – which in the case of social selling might be just a couple of weeks) but reaching your full potential might take a while and you need to begin that journey as son as possible.

Please don’t leave this to chance as there is an amazing opportunity for organisations and individuals to be successful using these techniques, but everyone needs to be guided by people who live and breathe this rather than just play at it because remember, every mistake you make here is being made in full-full-view of the world.

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