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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

As you know, we at Digital Leadership Associates are a small business. We “compete” with organisations that are many times bigger than us in terms of headcount and how long they’ve been established. Yet, despite this, we have a much bigger footprint on the social networks. We are programmatic in our approach.

So how can this be?

We have spent a long time developing a programmatic approach. It’s not just how we run our company social profiles (and our own individual profiles) but how we teach social media deployment to our clients.

Programmatic – why does this matter.

Often we liken this to getting fit, or losing weight or any initiative that requires simple steps to be carried out very regularly for a period of time. The steps that YOU (as an organisation or as an individual) need to take to be successful are both simple and obvious (rather like losing weight and getting fit). But often KNOWING what you need to do to achieve your objective and DOING what you need to achieve your objective are poles apart.

So we have taken our own programmatic techniques for running our social presence and we have turned them in to a process for our clients to use. This programmatic approach makes us markedly different from anyone else helping their clients to embrace social media. It’s different because whether you have engaged a small boutique agency who seem to be very knowledgeable about how social works or your “Big 4” trusted advisor (who don’t) the chances are that the focus of what they do is in KNOWING rather than actually DOING.

Look and see

Look at your contact within the company you have engaged and ask yourself whether they are eating their own dogfood? Do they have a great social presence? Are they really active? Do they have a large engaged following? Are they regularly creating content? I would wager that the answer is “no.” Even if they are doing all of these things, the chances are that they are one of the minority within the organisation rather than the norm.

So if they (and organisation that’s supposed to be a teaching you how to be social) are not social themselves through to the core then they are like the fat personal trainer…someone who knows the theory but has not practical understanding of exactly what is (or isn’t) feasible or important on a day by day basis. Why are they like this? Because they aren’t programmatic in their approach (to how they run their own social presence or how they teach you to run yours).

Our job

Our “job” as we see it is NOT to stand up in front of you and show you how clever we are. Predictive analytics, network & node mapping, statistical analysis of data…we do all of this for some of our more advanced clients. But this is the icing on the cake. The cake itself is us showing YOU just how easy it is. Easy to grow an effective social presence and run that in a sustainable and efficient way such that it creates value for you (inbound, share of voice, visibility, recognition) but is not so complicated and convoluted that it takes all of your time to do. We know that, to be frank, you have other things to do with your time as well.


The answer is to have a process so simple that following it is easier than not following it…and that’s what we’ve created.

At Digital Leadership Associates central (as opposed to our associates and resellers) there are 5 of us. Each of us has a twitter account, a Linkedin profile and various other (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) accounts that we manage. And of course we have a company blog. We publish at least once every single day on our company blog. Always we tweet 20+ times per day, each. We post videos on YouTube and LinkedIn and we’re always engaging, sharing, commenting and liking articles and posts from our network. This in addition to our “work” which is helping clients achieve what we have done.

We eat our dogfood

How have we done this? Because we have a programmatic approach – “if A then B” and “do this every morning and this on a Monday” – and the overhead of our time to achieve what we do is much smaller than you might imagine. The key here though is that the overhead of YOUR time too can be much smaller than you might imagine if you too adopt a programmatic approach to your social media.

If you would like to learn more about this…get in touch.

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