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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

A number of years ago I was unfortunate enough to tear a medial knee ligament during a game of football (very painful experience). My right leg was put in a brace and I faced months of treatment and rehabilitation. As luck would have it, there had been a spare automatic BMW at work which I had kept at home rather than have it sit in the car park – my car at the time was a manual.

Obviously I ran a quick risk assessment:  bad leg + automatic car = able to drive.

Avoiding the morning rush hour a few days after I was injured, I set off to work. I tentatively tried a bit of left foot braking as I couldn’t twist my right leg to use the brake pedal. All felt ok and anyway – I’d been go-karting and that’s left foot braking. What could possibly go wrong?

As I drove in traffic through Kingston town centre, I felt uncomfortable and needed to move my seat. As I reached down and pulled the bar to make the adjustment, the car in front of me stopped abruptly and in panic – I hit the brake pedal with my left foot……

I don’t think I had even stopped so quick in all my life! The seat shot forward at the same time my seat belt failed to bite as I was in the middle of shifting my seat. I was left, pressed against my windscreen, the seat as far forward as it could go without crushing my ribs. Sh*t! I wasn’t worried about my knee, it was whether anyone had noticed I was jammed into such a tiny space. A quick scramble for the seat bar, shooting the seat back (too far) – and I drove off….

For the remainder of my journey and the drive home – I left lots of space to the car in front. My left foot was still a bit heavy when I hit the brake pedal. However, it wasn’t long until I was confidently driving around and the next couple of months went without any further embarrassing mishaps.

Switching to social selling can be a bit alien to salespeople – just like left foot braking. At first you might think there’s no way you will never be able to master it – any continued effort will be futile. A waste of time.

It’s very rare to be an expert or excel at anything the very first time, our brains needs to adjust and create ‘muscle memory’. In time, it gets easier and before you know it, you can’t actually remember when you went from ‘not very good’, to ‘business as usual’. It’s a subconscious shift in mindset.

The world is full of salespeople that are putting off writing a decent LinkedIn profile. The world is full of sales managers that will avoid writing content and tweeting, insisting that’s what marketing should do. The world is full of CEO’s that use the excuse of being far too busy or important to be active on social media.

Guess what? The world is also full of salespeople, sales managers and CEOs that think the opposite. They will be working for businesses that have a dominant share of voice on social. Businesses that no longer spend as much on outbound marketing. Businesses that get more inbound enquiries. Business that are closing more deals. Businesses that have nailed programmatic social selling in such a way – their competitors will never be able to catch up.

Still got excuses not to take social seriously?

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