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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

Firstly, let me say that there is a place for professionally shot video content. It can make you look more credible and more polished, but…there is a place for handheld selfie videos too.

The problem, always, with professionally shot video is that it absolves people of the responsibility of producing content. The videographer is coming in next week…so I’ll wait.

That’s bad.

Why wait? Why not shoot it now AND do it when the videographer comes in.

The key thing that you need to be able to do on camera is communicate. Writing a script and learning it is extremely difficult if you’re not an actor (even good actors sometimes seem wooden) but still people seem to do it. I know many people who are good in front of an audience but as soon as you point a camera at them they fall to pieces. Show shoot your own, shoot it often and be relaxed…as you would be in from of a client.

But above all, don’t wait. Here’s a video that I shot whilst I was staying at Tim (my co-founder)’s house for a few days over the summer. It’s 90 seconds, we shot this and a load more one afternoon in his lounge…and we just basically talked at the camera about things that seemed appropriate at the time. This one had received over 8000 views, 150 likes and 75 comments in just 48 hours. It didn’t go viral, but it did place my thinking in front of 7k people that otherwise might not have remembered who I was (or even know me) and it just happened to be posted at the right time to achieve this. It may have received similar success if I had waited for the videographer…but possibly not. Either way it was hugely more valuable to me posted on LinkedIn rather than sit-in in my head or on my laptop.

Those load of videos Tim and I made, I have been drip-feeding them out ever since we shot them. Currently (as I write this) I have had just a whisker over 50k views of them as well as 650 likes and over 300 comments that’s an awful lot of coverage and interaction for a cost of 60 minutes of my time…don’t you think?

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