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Social Employee Advocacy

If you can activate the staff in your organisation the potential is limitless!


Employee Advocacy

It is often said that the most valuable asset that a business has is its staff. Now, more than ever, it’s true. With social media the power of the workforce is incredible as a tool to market the business, but only if it can be activated.

Consider this. If your company has 1000 staff and 80% of them are on Facebook and 50% of them are on LinkedIn (the chances are that these percentages are higher) then that means that your workforce has network/friendbase of:

(1000 x 80% x 228) + (1000 x 50% x 400) = 382,400*

* = (assuming that the average number of friends on Facebook is 338 and the Average number of connection on LinkedIn is 400)

It’s worth thinking about what this actually means, this is 380k people who are friends or connections of your staff all of whom might read the content that your staff distribute, and read it in a way that they would never read corporate communications because these things would come from expel they actually know…or trust…or like…or love…

It’s incredibly powerful a tool and most of the pieces of the puzzle are already in place. They just need to be activated. That however is easier said than done. The staff will not simply send out marketing material to their friends and family, they will not necessarily share anything you write…unless they want to.

We help companies get their staff on board for this journey ad we help staff to embrace the sharing of company messages because they really want to.

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