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Social media marketing

one of the vital social media functions in a modern business


Most organisations have a marketing function, they design, write and publish content and this creates (they hope) visibility in the marketplace and it either generates inbound enquiries or makes prospects more comfortable with the brand when they receive a sales call/visit. Marketing activities have always been notoriously difficult to measure though because how many of us remember that we saw the advert on TV, or in the press, or received a mailer…or simply click “other” when asked.

The same has traditionally been true in social media. I tweet therefore I am…or if nobody sees it, perhaps I am not. It is however possible to measure how many people have seen, clicked…and followed through on social media posts and campaigns, it’s just a case of having the right tools of course.


We have a programme to “socialise” marketing departments helping them to embrace social media, measure the effect that it has and drive outperformance.

Our programme covers such things as:

  • realising the social vision
  • processes
  • content creation
  • writing
  • moderating
  • Influencer marketing
  • publishing
  • workflows
  • content calendars
  • creating campaigns
  • social advertising
  • audience segmentation
  • measurement
  • social listening
  • KPI tracking
  • skills gaps
  • identifying platforms
  • identifying influencers
  • reporting
  • driving engagement
  • integrating with other platforms & tools

If you would like to see how a structured social media marketing programme could benefit your business, please get in touch here.

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