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Social Media Tools

We love to road test the best tools we can get our hands on…and here they are

During our own learning process of becoming “social experts” we have used many many tools and platforms. We have refined what we use to what we think are the best tools in the marketplace. Some of them are expensive. Some of theme are not. Some of them we are given for free. Some of them we are not. But all of them are brilliant. We don’t get paid for “selling” or recommending any of these tools and we always try to be “technology agnostic”…but if you ask us what we personally use…this would be the list.

This “platform agnostic” (not paid) approach is why we can confidently recommend these products, but more importantly as users of these on a daily basis we can help coach you in the best practices for each and help you to streamline your social media presence.

Passle is simply incredible. It enables you and your team to create content easily by taking existing content and repurposing it to make it your own. It doesn’t replace blogging, but what it does do is enable non-bloggers to dip their toe in the water and bloggers to be incredibly prolific without spending their entire day writing.

Find out more about the brilliant Passle product on the website.

Brandwatch is, and always has been, our first choice for measuring the social space. It enables us to set-up and listen to mentions of our name, our clients names and attribute reach/impressions/impacts etc on this information as well as identifying who are our champions in the marketplace. It also allows us to see when something is trending…for good or bad. Simply amazing detail is available and the data visualisation capabilities are incredible so you get to see even the most complex information in an easy to digest and understand way. Oh…and it does “image listening” too – which means that it can look for when your logo, product (and shortly face) appears in social shares!

See more about Brandwatch on their website.

Your website is for the moment the centre of your digital footprint…and it probably will be for the foreseeable future. Leadfeeder enable you to see who has visited your website. That insight is incredibly useful particularly if you are engaged in amount based marketing. There are several companies who offer what appears to be this functionality, but Leadfeeder is the best. By far. Period

See more here at the Leadfeeder website

Many of us at Digital Leadership Associates are Mac users, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to be using a Microsoft product and suggesting it as being our product of choice…but anyone who is a Dynamics user and is aware of the Social Selling Assistant will know just what a powerful combination this is. Dynamics is great. The Social Selling Assistant is great. But put the two together and it is quite simply a CRM system without equal. It leverages the power of social in a structured efficient way which encourages even the most conservative of organisations to embrace social selling with zeal. Quite brilliant…and only going to get better.

You can guess where to find out more!


Hootsuite has for a long time been the social media darling of the small business market. Its simple interface and configure have taken the drudgery out of both managing and measuring social media for years. However, with new functionality and particularly the exciting employee advocacy tools along with a huge ecosystem of apps and integrations Hootsuite really is a force to be reckoned with, which is why it’s the Digital Leadership Associates platform of choice.

See more here at the Hootsuite website.

Buffer is really simple. It allows you to schedule posts on most of your social media accounts with just a simple click. So, when you are going in to a meeting you can “buffer” a few tweets so that you can still be tweeting (or posting on any network) whilst you sitting chatting to clients. It’s easy to set-up. It’s easy to configure. It’s easy to use. I think it is the only tool that everyone in Digital Leadership Associates uses…every single day!

See more on the Buffer website

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