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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

If the thought of ‘social’ scares the pants off you, don’t worry – you don’t have to jump on the social selling bandwagon. You’ve probably been in sales and marketing for a while – or been a CEO of several successful companies. You don’t ‘need’ to be told what to do – after all, you’ve got this far!

You may have started in sales when walking the streets and door knocking was a way of prospecting. Or you had a day in the office telephone cold calling. You won’t be doing either of those today, life evolves and so does how we sell. You have a network – all the people you need to know, know you already.

If you’re in a senior position you probably feel that all the hype around using social media to help sell is just for the youngsters – they grew up with it. It’s not like they are being asked to do anything alien, jumping on LinkedIn for them is second nature – as is Tweeting. You have a LinkedIn profile but there’s no need to add detail, people already know you and if you give too much away, you’ll get bombarded with cold calls and spam emails. Name, rank and number – that’s all you need to reveal.

Looking back at my second paragraph – it could have made you laugh as you remember the old-fashioned way of selling. Perhaps it made you feel relieved that you weren’t in sales when collecting compliment slips with a contact name was an acceptable way to prospect. And some of you will ask ‘What’s a compliment slip?’

However, what pleased you most was reading that you ‘don’t have to jump on the social selling bandwagon’. Business as usual has always worked for you.

And what’s also in your favour is your industry and sector – doesn’t matter what you do – will be littered with poor, below average CEO’s, CMO’s, CFO’s and Sales VP’s that you can easily outperform. Yes, it’s true – they proliferate both private and public companies. Shareholders actually vote to pay them vast sums of money to be mediocre and most probably – not rock the boat.

So, that’s it – the end of my blog. Job done……..or is it?

I wanted to be a bit @GaryVee and roll out a long list of expletives but he has that market covered. Don’t know who @GaryVee is? Oh dear – Google Gary Vaynerchuk.

To the ‘social media isn’t right for my business’ brigade – get off your high horses. Who are you trying to kid apart from the people that pay your salary? Oh, before I forget, you are also letting down all those that look up to you.

Let me explain:

We live in a world where it’s not de riguer to label – so let’s scrub the social selling one. Let’s talk about ‘Modern Selling’ – that’s easy to grasp and understand, it’s the place that selling has evolved to, today, and how it will be in the near future. A place where we are reliant on social media to stay in touch with customers, to prospect and keep pace with digital savvy competitors.

Anyone that says social media isn’t right for their business should be sat in the corner or sent out to collect compliment slips.

Modern selling using social is ‘par’ – the average, the ‘norm’, the bare minimum – it’s not giving us the opportunity to say ‘No Thanks’.

just as we once evolved to start using the internet and email all those years ago, we have now evolved into a modern selling era that utilises social selling – it’s all part of digital transformation.

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