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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

What is Social Selling?

At its most basic level, social selling is the method by which your social presence makes people be believe that you are clearly more of an expert (and more approachable) than the other people that they might otherwise approach to buy from.

How is this Different?

This process is not about buying media and riding your profile through acquiring coverage, it’s about creating a larger footprint and network and making sure that your posting frequency is also increased.The net result of this is that when people either search for their issue, or they simply happen to be “surfing” sites such as LinkedIn they see you again and again and what they see helps them to believe that you are the best person for solving their issue.

How The Old World Clashes with the New World

The banner ads and PPC are simply the modern way of doing that TV advertisers did in the 70s, 80s & 90s and flyposters did in the 30s, 40s & 50s shoving your message under people’s noses so often that they remember you at the point of making a decision. Sadly (for advertisers) this is proven not to work today – partly because there are 400+ TV channels and100,000+ magazines and nobody can afford to advertise on all of them, and partly because you (and everyone else) simply doesn’t engage with advertising the way you once did – when was the last time you watched a TV ad (or read an advert in a newspaper, or stopped and contemplated a billboard)?

Companies, Marketers and Advertising Agencies

Advertisers though are, understandably, scared as they old methods they used to generate demand and awareness simply don’t work any more and media companies are scared too as their entire business model is under threat as people migrate to youtube and subscription media (such as Amazon and Netflix).

Why Social Networks are Holding Back the Social Revolution

Social though, at the moment, seems to be the answer to ignite conversations with buyers…and that’s why social selling is the buzzword of the moment. But…LinkedIn (and all of the other social networks) will tell you that social selling is something else because you writing a great profile, engaging with your network and writing the odd blog is not something they can monetise…but ads are!

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