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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

If you live in London or have traveled to London you will know we stand on the right on the escalator. Which allows people who are in a rush to move by on the left.

So recently when we were in Singapore to onboard team DLA in Asia, I stood on the right, only to bring total confusion as Singaporeans stand on the left.

It’s simple cultural differences that can make a difference. Which is why when Adam and I set up Digital Leadership Associates we didn’t want to try fly around the imposing a “white Caucasian” view on everybody. Geographies have subtle differences and in the world of transformation we need to be sensitive to these differences. We wanted a Social Selling in Singapore view or a Social Selling in Asia view.

Adam and I were in Asia (Singapore) to onboard team DLA. Our global customers come to us and say, we need a Programatic Social Selling program, but we don’t want a US, UK or any other world view centric program. They say, we need to change the way our sales team works, and need a robust methodology, but we want you take into account cultural sensitivities. Not just using WeChat in China and Xing in Germany, but those subtle differences like standing on the left or the right of the escalator. It needs to be Social Selling in Singapore or Social Selling in China or Social Selling in Indonesia or Social Selling in Thailand or Social Selling in Hong Kong.

Social Selling is after all about a change in mindset and it would seem a waste of time and money if you are coaching for the wrong mindset. A client said to us that they had trained their Chinese sales team on sales navigator and nothing happened! I asked what the penetration of LinkedIn (which is outside the Chinese Governments fire wall) is in China and therefore you would need a special VPN just to access it?

As the only global social Selling, employee advocacy, digital transformation company if you are looking for a global program that includes Asia, with that local touch, get in touch.

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