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Social Selling

The fastest way to add to your revenue in 2018

Social Selling

Social selling is a “buzzword” and everyone in sales is talking about it. Whether you love it and have embraced it, or hate it and hang on to your cold calling and email methods, you cannot deny that social selling can be incredibly effective when done properly. 

We have a tried and tested 12 week programme which turns sales people in to stars! We work with small groups in a combination of classroom lessons, mentoring and hands-on practical experience. We use the 70:20:10 principle to ensure that our social selling programme is not just about knowledge transfer, but is about behavioural change and empowerment.

Usually within 2 weeks of starting the course salespeople are starting to generate additional pipeline as a result of the social selling techniques they are employing. By the end of the course most of the attendees will be regularly creating content (blogs, videos, comment pieces) and publishing these to generate visibility and create the aura of expertise.

By the end of our programme the typical attendee will:

  • have a compelling personal brand
  • be growing their network rapidly
  • have increased their LinkedIn SSI and Klout scores significantly
  • be generating inbound enquiries
  • be publishing their own content
  • have increased their own and the company’s visibility
  • be driving additional company website traffic
  • have an increased strike rate for gaining meetings
  • be influencing the buying decisions of prospects
  • be creating more opportunities and of a higher calibre
  • be generating more pipeline
  • have a higher level of confidence in their forecast
  • have higher close rate
  • have a shorter deal cycle

Social selling often part of a larger sales enablement programme, but it is usually the front end of generating opportunities and ultimately more business.

Whether you are trying to close new additional sales to make your end of quarter number, or are looking to transform the entire sale operation within your business, please get in touch here – we would love to “blow you away” with just how much value a Digital Leadership Associates social selling programme can bring to your business.

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