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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

As we all come back to work after a lovely break over the Christmas holidays many of us are thinking bout our New Year’s resolutions. A new year a new start…losing weight? Quitting smoking? Getting fit? More active on social media…what?

Seriously, perhaps the best New Year’s resolution could be that of being more active on social media.

Why? We work with many groups of people within many clients and the move from “knowing I need to do more with my social presence” to “doing more with my social presence” is a big one. There is the footprint part – creating a great buyer-centric profile full of interesting things and reasons for the reader to engage with you – which is difficult, but is a capital expense of your time (mostly) write a great profile and it’s there for a while. The really difficult part is in chasing your behaviour. Posting every week, writing articles frequently, engaging with comments and shares every day, growing your network every day…these are less about techniques and are more about behavioural change.

So, what better a time is there than the new year to try and adopt a new behaviour. So here are a few things you can do this year to transform your effectiveness on social media.

  1. Write a short article to post on LinkedIn every week – it doesn’t have to be huge, just 300 or so words about something that is currently happening that you can give your spin on.
  2. Post at least once per week – perhaps a short thought for the day, or a video, or an image, but post something that might engage your audience
  3. Engage every day. Each day, go on to Linkedin and read some of what other people are posting, comment, like and share anything that you find interesting (because if you find it interesting there’s a reasonable chance that your connections will too).
  4. Connect. Always be looking to grow your network – seek-out interesting people and send them a nice personalised connection request, then once they’re connected to you keep an eye on them and try to engage them in dialogue (this is about growing your NETWORK and not about about simply increasing your number of connections).
  5. Tweet AT LEAST every day. Preferably many times per day. You can point people at interesting articles (some of which will be yours) and always try to be part of the conversations that are going on about the things you want to be known for.

Does this sound like a lot of work?

It needn’t be if you are efficient with when and how you do things, but it is a fantastic opportunity for you to excel and show your audience exactly what you’re about.

So don’t waste a resolution on something you know you won’t keep…use it for the new social media you!

Happy new year one and all.

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