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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

Let me explain…

At Digital Leadership Associates we believe that “social” is the transformational technology of our age, we believe that many of the world’s most successful companies don’t “happen to be good at social as well as being successful” but that they are successful exactly BECAUSE they are social.

We believe that it is within every company’s (and every individual’s) capability – to promote themselves with social and to become “appropriately famous” by doing so. This is central to our belief system and we empower our clients to see that this is within their capabilities to do. 

Perhaps you are a client who writes their first blog to try and recruit good staff and immediately gets 40+ applications for 3 roles and is able to save £45k in recruitment fees? Perhaps you are a client who has been trying for 6 months to get in front of someone senior at a major tech company without success but by using our social selling techniques was able to get a meeting and close $1m in business within a month with that very person? Perhaps you are a multi-national company that increased penetration within a key account in North America by 300% in just 2 months? All three of these are actual examples of what our clients have achieved but we don’t ever claim credit for these because we EMPOWER our clients to achieve great things. We do this because we believe that being social is about helping individuals to change.

So imagine my horror when this “big in social” person wrote the following. “The challenge is feeding reps the right content. Your reps aren’t going to be the creators of content…”

This person is WRONG. They are wrong because that (reps and everyone else) creating content in their own words, with their own voice, for their own audience is the very point of social media and to simply give-up on this is shooting yourself in the foot.

We don’t run an agency, we don’t charge you a retainer to create content for you, we teach you how to do it yourself and then mentor you through the journey of this becoming a habit because if you get this right…you will definitely win.

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