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By Richard Doyle | @Deverons1

If you are like me, you hate the number of spamming emails, messages and InMails that come with the new digital age. The digital world has opened up a whole new landscape for lazy people.

They can sit at home or in their offices and inundate us with products or services for which we have no need and have no intention of buying. What they are really doing is driving people away from the potential benefits of the digital age.

I call them lazy and they are, because doing anything properly requires hard work, not sending out garbage mindlessly.

Building an online presence and business is about relationships. Remember those? We take the time to educate people about our areas of expertise. We provide them with knowledge about a product category, service industry or process, and establish credibility for ourselves as experts.

Put in the hard work and the work will come to you

Today, people shop for products and services online and are smart enough to make their own decisions. They look at what other people recommend, they look for referrals, they want the best and they want to know what the experts think.

Once they have completed their research, they then get down to deciding who will be the person or company they want to deal with. They may find more than one contender and will then make a choice.

One thing they do not do is respond to spamming. They put in hard work to get to a decision. The people they choose to do business with have put in hard work to convince them of their reputation and knowledge in order to be noticed. Spamming is not hard work, it is laziness.

Quit spamming and get to work!

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