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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

Any of you who follow me on Linkedin will know that I post pretty often. I comment and share a lot, but at least twice each week I post either a video or an article or something which highlights a point I want to discuss at the time.

Because I post often (but not too often), I get quite a lot of engagement on my posts. A video for example might get upwards of 5000 views, and 100 likes, comments and shares. My videos invariably encourage my followers to take action as this is what I believe is the key to success – actually doing something. That action might be to go off and write a blog or shoot a video of their own for example.

Of the comments usually about half of them are people saying that they think that’s “very dangerous from a corporate perspective” because those messages may not support the brand or might perhaps not show the company in a good light.

So, I would like to make a couple of points about this.

  1. actually getting people to take action is extremely difficult, so it’s not like all of the staff are going to immediately run-off and start writing blogs.
  2. (perhaps this point should be i) rather than ii) but, many organisations still believe that they own the narrative today as they did 20 years ago, and they don’t. So much has changed.

The main problem that organisations face is that their staff already have full diaries and they don’t want or need anything else to take up their time. Unless their job is “content creator” you are effectively asking them a favour… “in addition to the things you already do, please will you create content that helps improve the marketing/sales/pr of the company” and in most cases that’s a big ask. So to expect them to write your message rather than theirs is unlikely to happen.

However, if you give them the freedom to write their own…they just may, and in this new digital world you need all the coverage you can get.

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