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Taking our own Medicine

We always do what we say our clients should do


Process and procedure

We NEVER as our clients to do things that we wouldn’t (and don’t) do ourselves. We never cease to be amazed that there are so many social media advisers, experts and consultants that don’t take their own medicine. They talk about the importance of social media yet they don’t live by that advice themselves. We do…always.

Being the best at social media doesn’t require you to be brilliant either as an individual or as a company, it requires process, diligence, efficiency and a plan. All of the techniques that we use with our clients (and teach them to do for themselves) are those very same techniques that we ourselves use. Tim, Adam, Alex and Ian all appear on countless influencer lists for social media, cloud, technology, content creation and many more topics, Tim is the world’s #1 influencer for Social Selling for example and this has been achieved because we have a process.

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