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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14

In an office not far from you…. Part 1

Conversation 1

CEO: Remind me where we got to last year?

CFO: $19.9 million

CEO: ok, then we’ll aim for 24 to deliver 22, OK?

CFO: Yes, Ok.

Conversation 2

 VP Sales(addressing the sales managers): Right, we have a target of 25 this year

Sales Managers: ‘OK’

Conversation 3

Sales Manager: You had a good year Tomkins, hitting 120% of target. I need you to increase that number by 30% this time.

Tomkins: 30% up from last year’s target?

Sales Manager: No, on what you achieved.

Tomkins: That’s really high after I had such a good year.

Sales Manager: It comes right from the top, everyone’s in the same boat.

Tomkins: OK. What support will we have to hit the number?

Sales Manager: The usual, the new products we are developing have been delayed so I’ll get Marketing to increase their activity.

Tomkins: But the leads Marketing give us are rubbish.

Sales Manager: I know but the CMO told me they’ve switched to a new digital marketing agency so we’re expecting good results. It’s costing us enough.

Conversation 4

Chaplin: Hey, Tommo, you got your target?

Tomkins: Yes, 30% uplift on the number I did last year – not on the target I was originally set!

Chaplin: Were you given any ideas on how we’re going to hit another big number?

Tomkins: Yeah! Apparently the CMO has yet another new agency to do all the DM stuff. Can’t wait!

Chaplin: Will you be around long enough to find out?

Tomkins: What do you think? A mate of mine is SVP at a company that focuses on social selling to do their number. They don’t have to deal with any rubbish leads from digital marketing and stupid cold calling, e-shots – says they hardly spend anything on outbound marketing but get stacks of inbound.

Chaplin: Can you get me a job there?

Tomkins: Let me get my feet under the table and then I’ll get you across.

Chaplin: Nice one Tommo.

…The End…

Next time: Tommo gets stuck into his new role.

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