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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

This week I spoke at a Martch conference, I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of Martech, which if you didn’t know is short for Marketing Technology.

Martech in my view isn’t actually an advance, it is actually a backward step, why is this?

We all hate interrupt and broadcast marketing, nobody gets up in the morning and says “today I’m looking forward to being pitched at”

In my presentation I asked the audience of about 250 to stand up. Then I asked them to sit down if they remember the last three adverts they had seen. Of course nobody sat down. We all hate adverts. We fast forward through the ads on the TV, we switch radio stations when the ads come on. The way we work today is we filter this stuff out as noise. 

Following my presentation, I then had to sit through a presentation from Sky about how they serve ads to me, the presentation was applauded as grown breaking. Have you spotted the problem yet?

Like corporate content where companies tell us how great they are, how brilliant their founders are, how they are number one, how they are are the market leaders. We don’t care and just filter it out, again, just like adverts it’s noise.

So What has this got to do with Martech?

Well Martech, is basically analogue techniques in a digital world.

When I started work, we had a typing pool, I remember probably 5 years later my first 386 laptop with Amipro. (We had Amipro as the IT department said that Microsoft Word will never catch on.) My art in sales was crafting letters. It was years before email became accepted as a mechanism to communicate. At the Martech conference, the Forrester speaker recalled when the internet came out she put in a business case for a Financial Services company to register their web domain. The Board rejected it. I have a friend who submitted to a Board the business case for an email system. It was rejected. In both cases the internet and email were seen as “flash in the pan” and they will never catch on.

It is against this backdrop of the analogue world that Martech is basically an ability to send more and more emails. Or you can get software that will go out and find details or articles on a person or company you are going to visit. In this case it’s just automating what we can do already. None of this is new and none of this is amazing.

But of course, these systems and data can give you power.

Spiderman said “with great power comes great responsibility”. So back to the speaker from Sky.

The speaker from Sky, the UK Satellite TV Broadcaster said with great pride. Even though we have customers that have opted out. So they have ticked boxes that say, they don’t want to be called, they don’t wanted to be emailed and don’t want to be approached by any marketing means. In other words, they won’t to be left alone.

Sky, through their Adobe Martech system and buy data so they can track customers down on social networks and serve them ads.

I was opened mouthed. Have people lost their minds? You mean you are telling me that I have told you I don’t want to be bothered but you are hunting me down on social and bothering me.

This is of course, the same audience that I asked to stand up and sit down if they remember the last three ads and nobody sat down. It’s like saying you are a vegetarian restaurant but then saying you will cook me veal if i wanted it.

This flagrant pissing off or people is unethical and has to stop!

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