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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Prospecting is key, every salesperson has to prospect but to think your prospects are sitting there waiting for your call and will give you 20 minutes is farcical.

There are far more effective and efficient ways to prospect which elite sellers are now taking.

Let’s look at cold calling efficiency.

With cold calling you have to call 100 people, to get, access to maybe ten people. Whereas, with social, you can find those 10 people and make contact with them. Assuming you can contact 10 lots of 10 people (100 people) in the time it takes to call 100 people, means that social selling is 10 times efficient as cold calling. Even if you can only contact 20 people on social to the 100 cold calls, this still makes social selling, twice as efficient.

Let’s not forget that cold calling can only take place between working hours, whereas, social selling can take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Social selling is also global, as you can contact anybody in the account through social, regardless of the time zone.

Let’s look at the Cold Calling Results

If you call somebody, then you get 4 outputs:-

  1. Go away.
  2. We purchased one of those 2 months ago.
  3. Interested but call me back in 3 months.
  4. You get a meeting.

With social selling, you are already covered with 2. and 3. and in fact by the same work. So it’s not like you have to do something for 2. and something else for 3., you do the same thing. What do I mean?

We purchased one of those 2 months ago

As we know that buyers are going on-line to buy things, If you missed out on a purchase, the fact you are not on-line, means you are leaving money on the table. All Elite sales people have a personal brand and share interesting and educational content. This means that the lost sales in 2. are now inbound, as well as the pleasure that you are taking market share from the competition.

Interested but call me back in 3 months.

The same action with 2. you do with 3. By being connected to the prospects on social means you can “wave” at the day after day. The fact you are sharing insightful and educational content (and you are connected) provides with with the basis to nurture those prospects. As you are always (FoM) front of mind, they will take your content and consume it. You will therefore be able to accelerate these deals. A “call me back in 6 months” could become, inbound in 3 months.

Accelerate Your Pipeline

The same actions you have implemented to increase your wins and accelerate your pipeline, can be employed to accelerate your existing pipeline. Which will mean you deal cycles will get shorter, your win rates go up.

Efficiency and Effectiveness Adds Up

All this efficiency and effectiveness of social selling adds up, and while sometimes people try to blend cold calling and social selling, you can see people soon drop cold calling as they see they can speed up the sales process and after all sales is a numbers game. And you can great greater numbers but focusing totally on social.

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