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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

There are many theories we could discuss about why LinkedIn created ‘algorithm-gate’. Basically – they want to share the love between everyone and not just the popular and interesting. Probably because they need to create more value, get more people active so they can charge more for the annoying and earn more from irrelevant ads we keep seeing on our feeds.

Some could say they’re pandering to the lazy who don’t post very often. We could suggest it’s to placate those that always have a toddler tantrum in no one likes, comments or shares any piece of content they post – nothing to do with it not being of interest! Our society seems to think that we can’t stand up and say “Hey, this is boring – I don’t want to see it” – in case we offend one person out of the 3.397 billion that are on social media.

I’m now actively using the options available for LinkedIn posts – I’ve pasted them below for you – to weed out the content I’ve been scrolling over in the past. Why the change? Well, it’s clear I’m seeing more irrelevant and boring content. There are only so many pearls of wisdom I want to read from the Dali Lama et al, or videos of a professional footballers two-year-old kicking a ball. They will be getting the ‘hide this post’ and ‘improve my feed’ treatment.

Persistent ‘offenders’ that never create their own content will get the ‘unfollow’ treatment. Just as I would expect people to unfollow me if they don’t enjoy my content, or find it of interest.

All blatant, cold, in your face sales pitches, will automatically get a red card and go into the incinerator.

Here are the options you can use for each post.

  • Copy link to post
  • Embed this post Copy and paste embed code on your site
  • Hide this post I don’t want to see this post in my feed
  • Unfollow XXXXX Stop seeing posts from XXXX
  • Report this post This post is offensive or the account is hacked
  • Improve my feed Get recommended sources to follow

Don’t feel like you have to ‘put up with’ content that LinkedIn feeds to you – clear it out and let it be replaced with something that’ll grab your attention. The more you do this, the better the experience will be. We have choices so let’s not waste them.

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