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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia | LinkedIn

Time and again people extol the virtues of cold calling AND social selling as some sort of hybrid approach…well forget it. Cold calling simply doesn’t work anymore. Hold on all you “old school” salespeople who say, “I still get my best leads and business from cold calling”. It’s not true, and if it is then you are the exception rather than the rule.

If you can cold call and speak to the CEO of a large business it’s because you already know them, not because you are an amazing cold caller. If you don’t know them, you simply won’t be able to get through and if you do, they won’t be listening when you speak. Because YOU are just ANOTHER salesperson.

The truth of the matter is that cold calling doesn’t work because nobody wants to receive a cold call. You know that’s true because YOU don’t want to receive a cold call.

Don’t throw your toys out of the pram!

Now, before you hardened sales professionals throw all your toys out of the pram. I am not saying that telephone sales skills are worthless. I am not saying that the 20 years of experience has been wasted.

I am saying that you need to be WARMCALLING not COLDCALLING people. Because your 20 years of experience isn’t well deployed speaking to PAs and voice mails but it is well deployed by speaking to humans. And the way this is done in 2018 is with social selling (or digital selling). Because that is the ONLY way that it is possible to get your personal brand in front of people who are simply too busy to take cold calls, read cold emails and click batter ads.

For your own sake (and everyone else’s who hates cold calls) invest some time in your personal brand and write some great content so people can see just how good a conversation with you might be!

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