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If you didn’t know, here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we run a Podcast called #TimTalks.

Simple format, our CEO (that’s me, Tim Hughes) interviews somebody for 20 minutes.  Key thing is that subject matter has to be educational, there are no sales pitches.  You invest 20 mins of your time and walk away with some knowledge you can implement back at office. 

If you are not aware of it then there is a link here please drop by and subscribe.

As we approach our 60th episode, I thought I would look back on some of the great interviews.

We’ve had some great social media celebrities including Tony Hughes, Dan Disney, Jaz Greer, Nick Toman of CEB now Gartner, Larry Levine, Darrell Amy, Graham Hawkins, Joanne Black, Robert Caruso, Scott Brinker, The Tweetinggodess, and Katie King.

As well as Social Media royalty Jill Konrath, Mark Hunter (The Sales Hunter) Mark Schaefer talking about their new books.

Here at DLA we were pretty amazed that we had only been going 12 months when Top Sales World https://topsalesworld.comshorted listed as in their top sales podcasts to listen to, voted by out listeners.  Thank you to everybody that voted for us!

So who and what were the ten most watched videos of the last 24 months?

The top 10 most watched videos to check out are as follows:-

Tony Hughes @RSVPselling Is the rise of the silent sales floor killing business? via @YouTube

Dan Disney @thedandisney 3 Ways to use Humour in Sales via @YouTube

Daryn Mason – Customer Journey Mapping – Big Impact or Waste of Time?

James Muir @B2B_SalesTips on The Perfect Close

Michael Labate of SAP Shares 3 Golden Nuggets of Social Selling Success

Laura Wheeler @laurawheelers Techniques on How to Engage with Challenging Communities

Lollie Moore – In Business, Social is now the First Handshake

Richard Young – How to use Social Selling When Selling to an Enterprise

Simona Pop – Step by Step Social Selling with @Sim_Pop

Paul Johnston – Digital Disruption in Small to Medium Enterprise – Case Study

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