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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

“We Implemented Social Selling, Why? Because Our Salespeople Need To Be in Front of Customers Not Hiding Behind a Phone”

This is a direct quote from a Sales Director we met with who is having a great return from using social.

So what is he doing differently?

First and foremost, the sales and marketing departments are working closely together. From putting the sales manager and marketing managers offices next to each other.  To getting sales and marketing involved in the various demand generation activities they are undertaking.

What do I mean? If there is an event, then both sales and marketing agree if the event is right by both teams.  They are resourced together.  That means that both sales and marketing people resource the stand.

From a sales and marketing prospective sales define for marketing the types of people marketing should be targeting.  You could call it persona marketing, but they don’t as “persona and marketing” sounds a little too much jargon.

They have a definitions of leads, but they don’t use the terms SQL and MQL as again it’s seems too much like “marketing jargon”.  I’ve seen this sort of thing before, as long as people really understand what a lead is.  A “business card in a jar” from an event is not a lead.

Like many Business to Business (B2B) companies what they sell is “complex”, in other words you are selling to an expert and this often requires another expert to help sell.  In this case, while the sales people understand the complexities of the solution, they are after all salespeople.  Don’t take this the wrong way but “who believes a salesperson”.

This company therefore employs experts to help answer questions to help people down the sales funnel, the salesperson while being involved is there to “close” to ask for the order or as often happens with this company, they empower them to buy.

Different Buying Scenarios

Let me take you through some of the different buying scenarios :-

  1. As sales have defined the “ideal customer” marketing is able to laser focus target there people, with content, events or whatever they think is fit.When marketing get the lead this is pasted to sales person and expert.  The expert generally takes the lead forward with the sales person taking the order.
  2. They get inbound into marketing. This buyer will already have a view about what they want, this is handed off to the expert and sales person for closing.
  3. Salesperson is doing their own prospecting, for this client, this can be on the phone, on foot (yes they still knock on doors) and more so on social.The salesperson often will try and close on first or second meeting, otherwise expert is deployed.

In the first two scenarios they buyer is doing research on-line so they are “easier” to close at first or second meeting.  Where as the cold outreach the client needs to do more due diligence.


Is this the start of something new?

Sales and Marketing working together and an integrated marketing and sales funnel, which has different people deployed at different parts of the funnel.

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