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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

The world has changed, the sand has shifted under our feet. Where as once there was a predictability to business, this now seems to have been lost.

What do I mean?

My parents had jobs for lives, they got their information from newspapers, the TV and from friends. They had a place in the world and they knew it.

Think about how much has changed, we no longer get our information from Newspapers and the TV. When I grew up, it was the print media / newspapers that set the narrative and the agenda in the country and it was newspapers that could influence elections.

Now, we have the internet, mobile and social media. Anybody can create an app and turn themselves into a global business. Here at Digital Leadership Associates it took us little under two years to be global. We did this through, not the power of capital and people, like would have been required in my parents day, but through the power of the internet, social media and mobile.

The whole world order has changed. In my parents world, you ran adverts, you called people up. Often you would take these calls, because you actually found out what was going on in the world. If we want to know what’s going on in the world, we turn to out mobiles and the internet and social media. In fact we now block all of these interruption forms of marketing. Ad-blocker growth is 30% year on year, standard iPhone functionality means I block cold callers, standard email functionality means that unsolicited emails either hit my junk folder or I create rules so they will do in the future. And of course GDPR helps in filtering out all this noise.

And let’s not forget to do our jobs properly we do filter these interruptions out, we are, after all busy people.

So what has this got to do with a social platform?

If you think at the way business is now formed, we are using social media in different silos across the business. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources (HR), you name it, each business uses social across the business, but tactually. We are even seeing social replacing email, thankfully.

People are using social, because it’s natural, we are all social people. Since the days of when humans first appeared on the African plains we found that talking to each other and forming teams meant we were less likely to be eaten by a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

Social is also easy. We all use social on our mobiles, there isn’t a Facebook training course, we just use it. There is no systems review as to which application do we use, we are already using social. It’s the people’s choice.

Think of Social Strategically

We are seeing is a shift in the market from the tactical use of social to a strategic use. This is where we see companies using a social platform.

If we take social in sales for example, you will get a business benefit and and incremental revenue uplift from using social in sales, But social selling is a random act of social.

Business today are looking to roll out social right across the organisation, in sales, marketing, customer services, human resources (HR) etc.

If you start your project with sales, you can reinvest the new business won into budget for the efficiency and effectiveness savings and then start to roll this across all departments. This will drive efficiency savings as well providing competitive advantage. 

The DLA Social Platform

Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we have created such a platform and business can slot in the modules into this based on their business need and issues. As I said above usually people start with sales and then reinvest the savings and incremental revenue into the other areas over time. We were with a start up recently and their business issue was to make sure they were the employer of choice in their market sector of Artificial Intelligence. Trying to get skills in that area was difficult so we are helping them implement Human Resources (HR) first.

Talent management and recruitment is critical. With social, we don’t mean putting jobs ads on Twitter, we mean flipping the recruitment from push to pull, so people send them CVs. This is the flexibility and advantage of having a social strategy within a business.

Maybe it’s time to take social seriously in your business and start the foundations with your own social platform?

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