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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

When Adam and I started Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) and then Alex joined us we knew that we had to create something that made a difference for our clients. More importantly what we created was Enterprise strength, something that supported change needed, this for our clients would be a Programmatic approach to Social Selling.

So often we get called into companies to sort out social selling programs that just haven’t created a return, it’s sad, but for success you need a methodology, a way to change mindset and social selling must be programatic.

The Failure of the Webinar

Most of us here at team DLA have worked for large organisations, and we have all seen the webinar approach used. Why not? At my company there was 2,000 people in sales across Europe and 2,000 people in presales. So why not tell them all to join a webinar and tell them to social sell in an hour, job done. Of course, nothing happens, as it doesn’t activate the scared, the “don’t knows”, the people who are asleep and the”don’t cares.”

Social is a change of mindset and you cannot change mindset through webinars regardless of any motivational “carrots” or “sticks” you might turn up with.

The Failure of the Knowledge Transfer Approach 

The second thing that organisations then try is usually knowledge based training. We have all been on a training course where somebody turns up with 150 slides and we all know what happens. You remember one thing and you go back to your desk and go back to doing what you were doing before. Knowledge based training does not activate the change of mindset that social requires.

The Failure of a Tool to Activate Social Selling

The third thing that people do is roll out a tool. Of course “a fool with a tool is still a fool”. A tool isn’t a rally point for success. It does not instil the social behaviours that are required. We so often see, spammers turned in to people that can spam faster, potentially destroying your brand equity across the market.

So what is programmatic Social Selling?

Our experience of rolling out change in large organisations means we are able to tap into the psychological aspects of the social mindset. While I’m biased, as far as we are aware we are the only company in the world that has found the key to unlock that mindset change.

One competitor, actually uses profile writers. Bizarre. How are you going to get a programmatic Social Selling mindset change if somebody writes my profile? It’s a bit like if you have a problem in your relationship who’s the best person to take your partner out for a meal? Me, you or a professional profile writer? You, of course.

Profile writes will not provide you with the expertise to get higher, faster than legacy sales methods and it won’t equip you so you get inbound.  Inbound one of the great opportunities you have in terms of the programmatic social selling program.

Programmatic Social Selling means what?

Well it’s Enterprise strength, it enables a business consistency across the business, both in terms of coaching and mentoring and more importantly results. The programatic social selling program, must be gaining you an return on investment (ROI).  When I say ROI, you will be getting an incremental (net new) revenue increase, market share increase, an increase in leads and meetings and an overall competitive advantage.

It provides the mindset and habit change so you see the vast majority of people activated. (I say vast majority as with any change program some people won’t want to change, you as a management team you need to decide what to do with those people, another blog for another day).

Programmatic Social Selling means literally that you can crank a metaphorical handle and the faster you turn it the greater the and faster the roll out and results.

That’s Interesting Tim But You are U.K. Based

While Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) is a UK based company, we have created an Enterprise strength reseller channel. This isn’t a loose agreement by handshake, these are people who are trained on our programmatic Social Selling programs.

As a business you get the same consistency and methodology rolled out wherever you are in the world. But not done with a team that flies in with all the cost and lack of local understanding. Our local resellers will implement our methodology to our global standards but localised for the local market.

You end up with a changed Salesforce with a consistent programmatic Social Selling approach. With global knowledge that the team understand the same value set, locally.

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