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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) if you are a regular reader you know that we are big users of content marketing.

Yesterday, the company being only 20 months round and we published our 400th blog. Why? Because it creates us 3 pieces of inbound every day. We don’t, as we don’t need to, spend money on any form of outbound marketing. We don’t cold call, we don’t advertise, we don’t tune for SEO, we don’t use email marketing (we deleted our database to comply with GDPR). We don’t have to, spending on those activities don’t support or market the modern buyer, content does.

We all do it. If we want to buy anything, from something low cost to a new Accounting system, we go on-line and research. We read articles, blogs, watch videos, consume content I understand people call it. You prospects and ours are just like us, we consume content and if you don’t have engaging, insightful and educational content then your prospects and customers cannot find you and you have left yourself open for competitive loses,

What Makes a Blog

People often ask us, what makes a blog? Well actually it’s really easy. If you think about any course you have been on or article you have read. You only remember one thing. So only write about one thing.

Blogs are also short form. If you think about the “white paper” you download it and put it in a folder “to be read sometime”, they might be downloaded, but they are never read. And if they are, as they are crammed full of facts, you never remember them.

You know if, I sent you a blog of say 300 to 500 words, probably take you 3 mins to read, you would read it straight away.

Blogging is the New Prospecting

As a salesperson I totally agree in a prospecting culture, all salespeople should do it. Which is why I write. Writing is my prospecting. If my customers and prospects are searching for content, then that’s where I need to be. Where my prospects and customers are. I certainly don’t think that content is “marketing’s job”, why would I outsource the possibility of me making or not making target to somebody else.

The great thing about us sales people is that we are some of the best communicators in the world. Everyday, we craft emails, to get people to do things, get resource for sales or to try and push prospects down the pipeline. We stand up and present complex solutions to our clients and prospects and make they easy for them to understand. That is why, writing, once we try it, becomes natural.

I’ve always been an early riser, I get up at 05:00 AM to feed the cat, otherwise he wakes me up, by tapping me on the head. I also “get up and go” so yesterday, while my first meeting in London wasn’t until 11:00, I got up, had breakfast and got the train into “town” as we call it. Found coffee shop near the prospect we were calling on and sat and wrote. 3 blogs, about 2,000 words later and Adam my co-founder arrived and we sat and chatted before the meeting.

Any company that posts a blog a day has a “hungry animal to feed” but it’s should be an easy objective to achieve with any company with a prospecting culture and an understanding of the modern buyer.

But It’s Not About Word Count

Sometimes when we talk about blogging and content creation we get into what seems like a negotiation. Is it, 300 words, or 500 words, usually I say, it’s a side of A4 paper. As we talked about above, enough to get your message across, little that somebody will read it now.

The company we called upon yesterday described themselves as a “word company”, so they are like a marketing agency, copywriting company, words are their tools. They have found a niche, where they take Financial Services speak and change it into to wording that you and I might understand. It was explained to us as “as a pension company you need to motivate 23 year olds to buy a pension, how do you get a 23 year old to buy a pension?” That’s what we deal with everyday.

One of their team came up with a great comment “It’s not about word count, it’s about idea count”. Beautiful.

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