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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Here are the most common LinkedIn connection requests I get.  It’s worth noting that nowadays, the likelihood I get a note is small, maybe 5% and most of those are the bland LinkedIn requests.  Most connection requests have no context.

There are 10%, which always make me laugh which say, please can we connect and would you like to buy my product.  Of course these always get rejected.

Back to most common LinkedIn connection requests for me

  • People who sell Real estate
  • People who sell small businesses insurance
  • People who load small businesses and start-ups money
  • People who help entrepreneurs invest money
  • People who offer business advice to start ups

What is it they all have something in common?  Yes they are all going to try and sell me something.

The summary is always funny, something along the lines of “I help small business with their insurance needs”.  In today’s society you swap the word help with sell.

A recent event happened to me, this company was all over me, telling me about how they help (spot that word) start-ups with advice etc.  I replied saying how great that sounded, but pointed out we had good cash flow and didn’t need a cash injection.  They never responded.

So where as, in a pre-GDPR world, maybe these people will have emailed me, now they send LinkedIn requests.

May I make an appeal to you the reader?  The only reason that these people do this is that they must get a result.  Please you stop accepting them and please don’t buy from them.

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