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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

A lot has been written about cold calling and it’s inefficiencies and ineffectiveness. While you can “just pick up the phone”, you can also “just contact somebody over social”. As our clients understand, that with the right Personal Brand, and right message you will get through to that person quicker using social than you will with a cold call.

Think about it, no gatekeepers, no voice mails and social is open 24 hours a day. Somebody left a comment on a LinkedIn vs Cold Calling post the other day and said “social sellers are looking for an easy option!”. You betcha!

Let’s look at cold calling.

When you make a cold call you get one of 4 responses:-

  1. I’m really interested, please pitch to me.
  2. Go away.
  3. I purchased one of those 3 months ago.
  4. I’m interested, but give me a call in 6 months.

As you can see it’s all about timing and only one of those options means you are there for the right time and place.

Social Gives You 50% More Out Comes Than Cold Calling

With cold calling, 3 of the outcomes are a dead end, where as social, you can be there for your prospects for options 3 and 4. Let’s look at options 3 and 4 in more detail.

I Purchased One of Those 3 Months Ago.

Let’s take the option of “I Purchased One of Those 3 Months Ago”. Any buyer will have gone on-line to search for products and services. If you have insightful, educational and unique content that the prospect will have found and consumed, then you will have been there for that client. That business will have come to you, inbound, ahead of your competition and you should have been enable them to empower those clients to buy. Probably, without competition.

Social has just turned a lost sale from cold calling into a sale and a competitive knock out, how brilliant is that!

I’m Interested, but Give me a Call in 6 months.

It’s a common request, which is often given when the client is trying to brush you off and while there are many techniques to try and turn this around; business case, FOMO etc often you are having to re-schedule calls in your calendar.

There are techniques to bring these clients forward and often they will actually become inbound as they come back to you. If you have already bought into the action above. By using exactly the same content, insightful, educational, stimulating and you connect with the prospect on social then you are able to nurture them.

By connecting to them on LinkedIn, when you post content you are in-effect “waving” at them across LinkedIn every day. You can use those same techniques on the phone, such as business case and FOMO but in content.  How to blog isn’t part of this blog, we have written about this many time before, our blog is here The long and the short of it is that you can use content to accelerate your prospects down the pipe.  We do.

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