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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Since we started Digital leadership Associates two and half years ago we have seen social selling go from an interesting ad-on to sales into the mainstream way of selling.

It’s been a hard slog since publishing the article “how to get 10 C-Level meetings a week using social selling” It is with anything that was seen as new. We worked with our clients and ground it out. The great thing being that each time we ran our program at a client, they got results. It is my business partner Adam Gray who always says “it isn’t enough getting results for clients, they have to know they got results”. Which is why, I guess, we do so much business through referral.

We are working with companies across sectors, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Professional Service, High Tech, Accountancy, Law, Media, Property Services, and Management Consultancy. Anywhere where a buyer needs to talk with a salesperson as the product is “complex” and companies just are not able to get leads and meetings through traditional interrupt marketing, such as cold calling, email blasts, advertising and events.

Going back to the start of all this, the article “How to get 10 C-Level Meetings a week using Twitter” was a break through, it was at that point that people stopped asking where the ROI was with Social Selling. We haven’t rested on our laurels we have continually pushed forward and innovated.

This year we watched a tipping point in April where people started taking on social selling and dropping other demand generation tactics, such as cold calling email blasts, events and advertising. Why?

In the B2B Enterprise space that we work in, we (and our buyers) have a shortage of attention. We are all busy people, we don’t look at advertisements, GDPR killed email marketing, it also pretty much killed off cold calling, but that was pretty much dead already. Also events don’t work, or they are just salespeople pitching. Nobody gets up in the morning and says “the first thing I want to do today is talk with an aggressive salespeople”. Social seems to have taken over completely not just in sales but also in marketing.

CMOs are coming to us and saying “Marketing isn’t working anymore” and if people are saying this, how many more are thinking this? It’s a classic case of “what got you here, won’t get you there” and I understand that things are scary for people.  Plus you have the vested interest of the various parties that are clinging onto to the old ways, as that’s how it’s always been down and that’s how they made a living.

There was a comment on Linkedin the other day that “nothing in sales has changed”, it’s sad. Sad that people are still saying, a vest interest I guess that the internet, social media and mobile hasn’t changed sales. Reminds me of the flat earth brigade.

Yes, there was an irony that “sales hasn’t changed” was announced on social media!

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