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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

After I wrote “Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” was under a lot of pressure to write a Social Selling part 2.  While I’ve never been in a band and cannot even play an instrument, there is a band metaphor here. After the success of the first album, the record company wants a follow up. The second album then becomes the tracks that didn’t make the first album (the safe option) or the band try something new (risky option).  Surely I should stick with the safe option?

The idea for “Smarketing” came to me in a dream. Here at DLA, while the cold callers kept asking about the ROI of social selling, we proved the ROI three years ago. The book Social Selling then became the blue print for all sales people.  While other Social Selling books talks about the writers story and why you should social sell.  “Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” gives you a “How” a work book that gives a salesperson practical steps that they can use in their everyday lives.

The day that Matt (my co-author) and I did our first brainstorming for what was to become the first chapter.  I was at a meeting in the morning, where a sales leader said to me “this social selling Tim is all very well, but where are my F@£$*&g leads!”.  This became our “war cry” through the book, if we through, at anytime the book might be too fluffy and not enough practical stuff for salespeople, we made a change.  The book has a very loyal following pf people who have read it 2, 3 or 4 times!

DLA, of course lives and breaths Social, we “eat our own dog food” we don’t advertise, send unsolicited emails, cold calls, we do content marketing. We are not one of these fake agencies that say they do social Selling and tell you this through sponsored tweets or cold calls. I digress, but it’s useful context.

Back to Smarketing and DLA

The idea that came to me in a dream was to go for the “difficult second album” and come up with the blue print for a new sales and marketing operating model. Something else that nobody else has done. But would this Sales and Marketing of the future look like?  But how would I achieve this?

It just so happens that I had lunch with Hugo Whicher (now a co-author) and he said he would like to write a book and pitched me the idea of a new operating model for sales and marketing. Here was somebody, without prompting, that was pitching at me exactly the same idea I had dreamt about.

A few weeks later my co-founder, Adam Gray did the same. He asked me where was Sales and Marketing headed? And we got into a conversation and the Smarketing outline was formed.

You can see that this was meant to be. Anyway, we sent the outline to my publisher, Kogan Page and was accepted that month, we started writing a month later.  Boom!

One of the conditions I agreed with Hugo and Adam (as with “Social Selling”) was this cannot be a “why”, it has to be a “how”.

The book Smarketing, is a workbook, it takes you through how to build a business case for Smarketing and then the practical steps you can take. We also have a chapter on what can go wrong. You, after all, need to be ready to manage any issues. We then follow that with a chapter on reporting, types of reports you might want and why. Then a chapter on tools. Then, before the conclusion we look at how you can implement an Account Based Marketing (ABM) program.

Finally, in the conclusion we look into the future and try and give our predictions for Smarketing in the next five years.

I remember giving the first draft to my partner, Julie, and waited for her comments.  Her view was it was “good”.  Adam, Hugo and I pushed on and when it was time for Julie to read the first proof, her comment was “this is bloody good”.  I guess as my partner she is biased, but we do have a relationship where if something is rubbish, she tells me.  My trusted quality control department.

Where can you get a copy?

It’s available on all Amazon platforms worldwide, as well as being available in paperback, Kindle and iPad formats.

Link here

Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers

Is available from Amazon here

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