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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Today is the 5th November, when I was growing up it was known as Bonfire Night, today we don’t tend to have bonfires because of the safety concerns but have fireworks. Hence it tends to be called Fireworks night.

The historic occasion that we celebrate is that Guy Fawkes didn’t like the Government of the day, so found a way into the Parliament building and filled the basement with gunpowder. His plan was to blow up Parliament, but his plot was foiled.

It is against this backdrop that since starting Digital Leadership Associates two and half years ago, there is going to be a massive metaphorical bonfire! Don’t be scared, it’s not a real bonfire, just a pretend, metaphorical one. But we need your help. Interested?

We have all seen the world change, [dramatic pause] marketing just isn’t working anymore. Who says?

Advertising, email, events, cold calling all of these things have fallen off a cliff in terms of the results.  So much so that CMOs are saying to us “Marketing isn’t Working anymore”. Let me let that sink for a while.  CMOs are openly saying, everything I’ve done in the last twenty years, no longer works. These people are brave and we applaud them!

Of course there will be people that tell you this isn’t the case, I was reading a blog the other day from a Sales Guru that was writing about the benefits of having a catalogue. Really in nearly 2019!

All of our clients are a pretty savvy bunch, they do their own due diligence, they all have busy lives and mobile phones. Just like you and I. They ask questions on-line, they read content, they watch videos, they talk with influencers and they make decisions about what you are like on-line and on social. Just like us too!  (Of course, if you are not on-line or on social, you will be invisible to the modern buyer).  We all knows things have changed, our buyers do, you do, we all do.

But vested interest abound, there are people that will tell you that you needs eyeballs in advertising, the PR company that says you need a logo, the consultant that will get you a better open rate on your unsolicited emails, the cold calling consultant, the sales guru who will help you leave better voice mails, or sponsorship at a conference and for what? None of this will make the phone ring more, in other words it won’t give you inbound and it it won’t give you the leads (and revenue) we all need.

So Here’s a Thing?

On the 5th of November, my call to action to you is simple. Let’s take all those cold calling scripts, all those cold calling manuals, all of those advertising contracts, those ideas of having an event, those email lists and delete them or put them in the recycling bin. It’s time for our metaphorical sales and marketing bonfire!

Tomorrow we need to start fresh. Free ourselves from the chains of the past. All that legacy stuff that just doesn’t work anymore! Let’s go to the place where our customers are, social media is waiting.

Will you join us? Please share this blog or tag somebody you think should read it.

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