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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

For many of us, if not all of us the most important person in the world is us.

Adam Gray, my Co-Founder reminds people in presentations “Pick up an old school photograph and who is the first person we look for?” Ourselves of course.

It grounds us, self validates us. It is only then that we look for our friend, the bully, the person you had a crush on etc. This self centralist view impacts on how we see the world.

I was watching a road rage video recently on YouTube, how a car was chasing the other car, this went on for 20 minutes. Luckily this was an edited video, the video has had 800K views. Now we can all look at that video and think “what an idiot”, but the road rager (and I’m not apologising for him (it was a him)) obviously thought the victim was an idiot and chasing them to remonstrate with them was appropriate behaviour. Our frame of reference, is to look at him and see this isn’t acceptable behaviour and he, is in fact the idiot.

Adam and I were recently in Melbourne, Australia, recruiting resellers. We were running a workshop to build pipeline for the potential reseller. The company we were running the workshop for was a well known Australian Insurance brand and we had people there across Sales and Marketing. Adam was explaining how marketing didn’t work anymore. Nobody looks at Advertising and 30% of people us ad blockers, nobody reads spam emails, in fact we have AI now that make sure they land in the junk box, we don’t take cold calls anymore, etc, etc. Everybody was nodding in agreement.

Adam then talked about how when you drive to work, you ignore the ad on the back of the bus, ignore the billboard, change the radio channel when the ads come on, walk in the office and commission some advertising. At that point one of the Marketers coughed and buried her head in her hands. The room stopped and we all looked at the Marketer to see if she was OK.

She looked up, looked at us all looked at her and she said “I am that person”. She went onto say “In fact I commissioned some advertising this morning and I know we will get nothing from it.”


We Have to Change!

We all know that the world has changed that people are buying using the internet, just like we do. We also know that people use content, like we do, ask questions on social media, like we do.

So why do we know all of that, then go into our office, sit at our desks and do all the things that we know don’t work. But, but, but, is what I hear, but we have a great product, we are number one …. sorry nobody cares.

Why We Need to Channel our Sacha Fierce in Marketing

If like me you had to Google “Sacha Fierce” when somebody text it to me the other day.

Sasha Fierce is the alter ego of Beyonce, the pop singer, rapper and wife of Jay Z. She named her third album, “I am Sasha Fierce”. Sasha Fierce is the persona she puts on when she gets on stage. Sasha Fierce enabled Bey to come up with songs like “Single Ladies” and “Diva”. It gives her independence, not to be tied to what has gone in the past or is “expected”.

We too need to stop looking for ourselves in the school photo and finding our own Sacha Fierce!

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