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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

There are two ways to prospect on Social and we coach and mentor for both.

No different from legacy selling methods there is an instant prospect (as per cold calling) and there is the nurture (not provided by cold calling) in fact only this week I spoke to a company that was paying for “nurture” something they get “for free” with social.

In days of the past, a cold call got you 4 responses:

  1. Rejection
  2. You miss a sale as they have already purchased. We covered this a few weeks ago on this blog on how you can stop missing deals like this and steal deals from under the nose of competitors.
  3. Sure I’ll have a meeting.
  4. Give me a call in 3 months.

It is this 4th option that we will talk about here.

I’m going to digress a second to talk about the modern buyer. Regardless of which survey you look at and regardless at what % of the way through the buying process people are. The thing is, we know modern buyers are looking for information on the internet. They do it, you do it, I do it, your customers do it. Nobody rings up a company and asks for a brochure, we just go on-line and look at a website or search for articles.

So Here’s a Thing

Regardless of you are in sales, cold caller, social seller, people want to deal with an expert. We are all, after all, experts. I used to sell Accountancy software and I know a lot about Finance and the business issues of the CFOs / Finance Directors I sold to. Same with you, know about your customers, their business issues, so why don’t you tell them?

In fact you can let 560 Million potential clients about what an expert you are, how you can help them, so that:-

  • When you call them they are more likely to take your call and so you will get more meetings,
  • The people who say call me back in 3 months you can continue the desire building process by posting related articles. Better still, writing your own articles.
  • Having prospects who are searching on-line find you and recognise you can help them. As we say often, if you are not getting inbound you are not doing social selling properly.

So what do you as a cold caller, social seller or whatever salesperson do you need to do?

  1. Get a Personal Brand
  2. Post relevant, insightful and educational content
  3. Write own material

Buy doing the above three items, you will nurture people.  What do I mean by that?  By posting and writing content relevant for your prospects and customers, you are, in affect, waving at them across social.  I wrote previously about how somebody was able to influence a Public Sector deal just by posting on social and for the Finance Director of the purchasing company, liking his post.

You should also use this technique during the sales process as it will help you speed deals along the pipeline.  If somebody sees value in what you are doing, they are more likely to commit earlier in the buying cycle.

So Whose Doing This?

We are. Here at DLA we publish (at least) one piece of original content everyday.  For that, we get 3 pieces of inbound.  We stop posting the content, the inbound dries up.  Just think what could happen if we are able to activate all of your staff, or event, 50% of your staff.  You will literally shout out your competition.

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